• Dr Sushrut Rajan

    Computer assisted Joint Replacement Surgeon

    Chief, Department of Joint Replacement and Arthroscopy, Sanjeevani Hospital, Nagpur (ISO certified)

    Ex-Asst. professor, JN Medical college, Wardha (NAC accredited)

  • Computer assisted Knee Replacement, Nagpur

    Why Choose

    Sanjeevani Hospital?

    • Dr Sushrut Rajan specialises in COMPUTER ASSISTED SURGERY (CAS)
    • The goal is to achieve perfection and help the patients to recover, in the fastest time possible.
    • Use of CAS significantly improves alignment of the prosthesis.
    • Most of our patients walk on the same day of surgery.
    • We provide ethical, transparent and affordable healthcare.

    Results of computer assisted Knee Replacement, Nagpur

    Maximising Function

    • With the help of advanced technology, aided with a team of dedicated physiotherapists, we aim to provide maximum possible function to the patient.
    • The care provided in the hospital complimented with the domestic physiotherapy program devised by SJRI is unmatched.

    Computer Assisted Knee replacement, Nagpur

    Minimising Complications

    • With the use of advance local cocktail anaesthesia, the incidence of post-operative pain is minimal. WIthout the pain, patient can be mobilised on the day of surgery, minimising complications like DVT and PE.
    • With the use of body-exhaust suits, laminar flow, and quality control checks (pre-operative, operative and post-operative), we have been successful in reducing the rate of infection.
    • Till date, the incidence of complications like DVT, PE and infection is less than 0.1 percent in our institute ( significantly better compared to the global average)


    Joint Reconstruction Procedures

    We believe, replacement procedures should be the last resort, when every attempt to joint reconstruction has failed.

    We specialise in:

    • Complex arthroscopic/sports related knee, shoulder, hip procedures.
    • Acetabulopelvic reconstruction procedures
    • Wrist, elbow and shoulder reconstruction procedures.

    (All surgeries shown, done by Dr Sushrut Rajan)

  • How It Works

    Our 5 point programme.


    Day 0

    Surgery in the morning.

    Physiotherapy starts after 3 hrs.

    Walking full weight bearing in the evening.


    Day 2


    5 days of home physiotherapy.


    Day 12

    Stitch removal at home.

    No need of patient travelling all the way to get a consultation.

    We come to your home, because we care!


    Day 14

    Patient can walk without the aid of walker


    Day 28

    Patient is allowed to drive and travel.

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