• About Dr. Sushrut Rajan- Mch Orth (Cambridge,UK)

    Hip and Knee Surgeon


    Dr. Sushrut Rajan is a highly accomplished orthopaedic surgeon with an academic background. His journey began with remarkable achievements in the 10th and 12th boards, followed by cracking the PMT/AIPG exams for admission to MBBS and MS degrees in prestigious Government colleges. Dr. Rajan pursued super-specialty training in Mumbai, where he gained invaluable experience under the guidance of renowned surgeons and pioneers in the field of Computer-assisted Surgery.

    Experience And Expertise

    The first Computer-assisted Navigation Knee Replacement Surgery in India was done by Dr. CJ Thakkar in 2003. Under the mentorship of Dr. C J Thakkar, who was the father of Computer-assisted Surgery in India, Dr. Sushrut gained enough experience, skills, and knowledge in the field of Arthroplasty/ Revision Arthroplasty/Computer-assisted surgeries and Complex Acetabulo- Pelvis Reconstruction at Breach Candy Hospital-Lilavati-Hinduja Hospitals, Mumbai. Then, under the guidance of Dr. Narvekar and Dr. Nagraj Shetty, doyens in the field of sports medicine and arthroscopy, Dr. Sushrut Rajan got trained in hip/ knee reconstruction and sports medicine. He further went to the prestigious Cambridge University, UK to fine-tune his skills in the field of hip and knee reconstruction. NHS-UK is one of the best-run health systems in the world. . The endeavor at SSH, Nagpur will always be to replicate the evidence/protocol-based ethical approach in treating patients. Under the guidance of Dr. Vikas Khanduja ( President, British Hip Society) he completed the fellowship and Mch in hip and knee reconstruction at Cambridge University Hospitals, Cambridge. He got further trained in the field of robotic joint replacements and complex revision hip/knee surgeries at the prestigious Endoklinik, Hamburg, Germany. It is the only center in the world, doing one-stage septic exchange joint replacements.

    Commitment to Ethical Treatment

    Dr. Rajan is dedicated to providing evidence and protocol-based ethical treatment to his patients. His goal at SSH, Nagpur is to replicate the highest standards of care followed by the renowned NHS-UK, widely regarded as one of the best-run health systems in the world.


    Academic Contributions

    Dr. Sushrut Rajan is not only an exceptional surgeon but also a respected academician. He has presented his groundbreaking work at numerous national and international conferences, including SICOT, IOACON, VOSCON, NEOCON, and Cambridge hip meetings. His research findings have been published in prestigious journals, including the world-renowned LANCET journal.


    Innovation and Milestones

    Driven by a passion for innovation, Dr. Rajan has introduced novel techniques and devices to enhance patient outcomes. He designed the rigid stepped plate, a pioneering device for high tibial osteotomy tailored specifically for Indian patients with knee arthritis. Furthermore, he performed the first-ever Anterior column pelvis fixation surgery using the Stoppas technique in Wardha, and the first-ever TKR surgery in Kawardha, Chattisgarh. Recently, he achieved a significant milestone by performing India's first hip replacement using a minimally invasive tendon-sparing SPAIRE approach, earning recognition from renowned orthopaedic expert Prof. Timperley of Exeter, UK.

    Teaching and Mentorship

    Alongside his role as a consultant at SSH, Dr. Sushrut Rajan served as an Assistant Professor at JN Medical College, Wardha. He takes pride in sharing his expertise with aspiring orthopaedic surgeons, teaching them tips, tricks, and skills in the field of joint reconstruction.

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