• Dr Sushrut Rajan

    Computer assisted Joint Replacement Surgeon

    Chief, Department of Joint Replacement and Arthroscopy, Sanjeevani Hospital, Nagpur (ISO certified)

    MS Orth, Mch Orth (Cambridge,UK)

    Fellow in Revison Hip and Knee Replacement (Endoklinik Revision Joint Replacement , Hamburg)

    Ex-Asst. professor, JN Medical college, Wardha (NAC accredited)

  • Computer assisted Knee Replacement, Nagpur

    Why Choose

    Sanjeevani Hospital?

    • Dr Sushrut Rajan specialises in COMPUTER ASSISTED SURGERY (CAS)
    • The goal is to achieve perfection and help the patients to recover, in the fastest time possible.
    • Use of CAS significantly improves alignment of the prosthesis.
    • Most of our patients walk on the same day of surgery.
    • We provide ethical, transparent and affordable healthcare.

    Results of computer assisted Knee Replacement, Nagpur

    Maximising Function

    • With the help of advanced technology, aided with a team of dedicated physiotherapists, we aim to provide maximum possible function to the patient.
    • The care provided in the hospital complimented with the domestic physiotherapy program devised by SJRI is unmatched.

    Computer Assisted Knee replacement, Nagpur

    Minimising Complications

    • With the use of advance local cocktail anaesthesia, the incidence of post-operative pain is minimal. WIthout the pain, patient can be mobilised on the day of surgery, minimising complications like DVT and PE.
    • With the use of body-exhaust suits, laminar flow, and quality control checks (pre-operative, operative and post-operative), we have been successful in reducing the rate of infection.
    • Till date, the incidence of complications like DVT, PE and infection is less than 0.1 percent in our institute ( significantly better compared to the global average)


    Joint Reconstruction Procedures

    We believe, replacement procedures should be the last resort, when every attempt to joint reconstruction has failed.

    We specialise in:

    • Complex arthroscopic/sports related knee, shoulder, hip procedures.
    • Acetabulopelvic reconstruction procedures
    • Wrist, elbow and shoulder reconstruction procedures.

    (All surgeries shown, done by Dr Sushrut Rajan)

  • How It Works

    Our 5 point programme.


    Day 0

    Surgery in the morning.

    Physiotherapy starts after 3 hrs.

    Walking full weight bearing in the evening.


    Day 2


    5 days of home physiotherapy.


    Day 12

    Stitch removal at home.

    No need of patient travelling all the way to get a consultation.

    We come to your home, because we care!


    Day 14

    Patient can walk without the aid of walker


    Day 28

    Patient is allowed to drive and travel.

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