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Knee Replacement Surgery Cost,


Dr Sushrut Rajan, Sanjeevani Hospital, Nagpur



Centre for Computer assisted Joint Replacement

We believe in transparency and ethical practice.

Our motto is to provide world class care for the people of Central India

All inclusive Package for Total Knee Replacement

Single room: 1,42,000 Rs

Single deluxe room: 1,57000 Rs

       Includes                                                                                                                            Does not include

  1. Cost of the implant                                                                                                    1. Food 
  2. Imported American Implant                                                                                  2.Medicines for other ailments
  3. (Zimmer, Depuy or Smith Nephew)                                                                     3. Blood and blood products
  4. 4 days stay                                                                                                                       4. Cardiologist fees, if required
  5. Medicines for operation                              
  6. Material for operation                                 
  7. Doctor’s fees                                                   
  8. Physiotherapy in hospital                                
  9. OT fees
  10. Surgeon fees
  11. Anaesthetist fees
  12. Nursing fees             
  13. Injections and Antibiotics (Post operative care)

11.Before Surgery- home physiotherapy visit, counselling and evaluation.

12.Post operation home drop (Ambulance service).

13.4 days of post-op home physiotherapy.

14.Stitch removal at home on the 13 th day

Extras: Rs. 5000 for diabetic patients, Rs. 20,000 for computer navigated joint replacement technology (Brainlabs, Germany)

No hidden costs and additional fees.

For both knees, computer navigated replacement (One stage )- 2,90,000 RS

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